Sending samples to Groen Agro Control

For samples that are sent to us from abroad, specific measures may apply and an import license is required. Below you can find more information about this. Please contact us for additional questions before sending the samples.

plant samples from outside the EU to Groen Agro Control

Groen Agro control has a permit for destructive research on risk-bearing material. This makes it possible to receive plant material, plant products, food or feed from abroad for destructive laboratory analyses. If you want to send such samples to us for analysis, then the following matters are important:

  • Risk-bearing material must be packaged in unbreakable, leak-proof packaging.
  • A copy of the destructive research license is present on the outside of the shipment.
  • On the outside of the package a label has been affixed with the warning text "Import Destructive Research (plant material), do not open".

If in doubt as to whether the sample is covered by this permit, please contact us first.