In case your crops show unnatural characteristics in growth or quality, we can start an investigation to determine if these are caused by a specific pathogen or by other factors in your company. We offer a large number of tests that can confirm or eliminate your suspicions. If you have no idea what is causing the damage in the crops, then the expertise of our specialists can be used for a thorough evaluation of the problem. If you have only interest in the diagnostic laboratory research, and you want to send samples to our diagnostic laboratory for analysis, please keep in mind that we need the whole crop for a thorough analysis (always send crop and roots/substrate).

Diagnostics of diseases

Our laboratory is specialized in finding the cause of the symptoms that you observe in the crops. Diagnostics is performed in the laboratory  on the basis of several laboratory techniques and the symptoms that can be observed in the crop. In many cases this information is sufficient for a correct diagnosis. An overview of our diagnostic services is shown in the diagram below. Not all the diagnostic services that we offer are listed, please ask if you need more information.





 Microscopic and plates


 Microscopic and DNA crop package


 Microscopic and plates, DNA crop


 Verticilium, biological


 Verticilium soil, DNA


DNA crop package moulds

Plant + substrate

 Infection pressure of pathogenic moulds


 DNA-Check moulds +; bacteria


 Infection pressure pathogenic moulds and bacteria

Plant + Substrate



 PVX, Pepino mosaic, CGMMV Mosaic


 - One virus, ELISA

Leaves, corolla, plant

 - Virus plant package, ELISA

Leaves, corolla, plant

 Viroid, package of 7 pospi viroids


 Specific Analyses




 Bacterial count UV (before and after UV is 2 samples)


 Cress test


A correct diagnosis consists of a number of items. Laboratory research is an indispensable component of it. You, as the responsible representative of the company, are part of that diagnostic process. You know more, even more than the diagnostician, of the  history of the plant material and other factors such as climate and hygienic circumstances. If you need assistance with the assessment of the crop, then you can also rely on our expertise. A correct perception of the crops in the greenhouse or at the field is very important for a correct diagnosis.


When the symptoms and pathogen show a match, then it is very probable that these symptoms are caused by this particular pathogen. The reliability of diagnosis can be increased by clearly indicating other characteristics of the situation at the company. For this reason it is important to add as much information as possible to your sample. Think about: symptoms, age of crop, how the infestation manifests in the greenhouse or field, on which plant(parts), distribution etc. In some cases one of our experts will contact you for additional information to be able to make a proper diagnosis.

We are ready for you

We are aware of the fact that making observations in the greenhouse that can help the diagnostic process is not an easy task. It requires experience and therefore it is our pleasure to help you by doing this. If you are at risk of any legal consequences due to the results, it is smart to let us handle the whole diagnostic process. This means that we will thoroughly investigate the situation on site and describe the process of taking unbiased samples.

Also, if you need help with the eradication of the pathogen, we are at your service. Our consultants are happy to assist you by eradicating the pathogen and can even help to exile or prevent the disease by means of recommendation or implementation of a hygiene protocol. We also deliver courses on these subjects.

Nutrition analysis in crop

Nutritional analysis in crops of major importance to assess the health of the crops. Leaf discoloration or "bad standing plants" can point to a lack or excess of a certain nutritional element. Therefore it is very important to stay in touch with the plant in order to monitor the plant growth.

We can perform a nutritional analysis in order to determine which element is causing of the symptoms. After the nutritional analysis in our laboratory, you will receive an analysis report indicating all nutritional values of the elements and their target values. In the last few years, an increasing number of growers and consultants show interest in regular analyses of the nutritional status of their crops. Again, the experts of Groen Agro Control will go further than only performing the laboratory analysis by helping out with the interpretation of the data.