DNACheck monitoring

Thanks to monitoring illnesses can be traced before you see them. That way you can react at the best moment and for example need less resources  to do so. Because DNACheck analyses the pathogens per crop specifically, this the only DNA method is which is suitable for monitoring.

The unique aspects of this method are the extreme high sensitivity and that it is quantitative. Using this method, one can determine the number of spores of a pathogen are present. This quantity says something concerning the infection pressure of a present pathogen.

DNACheck offers tools to improve your crop and intervene before a pathogen causes plant infestations. Because prevention is better than cure.

Historical overview

For every analysis you will receive an analysis report in which can see you which for organisms that are important for your crop have been measured and in which quantity they were present. You are able to follow the changes in the infection pressure of pathogens by means of a historic overview during your cultivation.

At present there are crop-specific packages for vegetables and horticulture such as: rose, tomato, paprika and cucumber. Furthermore the DNACheck monitoring method has been pre-eminently arranged for propagation and cutting companies to check their plant material on pathogens. Last but not least. DNACheck monitoring is a powerful research method to map the hygiene in your company.