Determination of ripeness in mango and avocado

Consumer’s wishes are changing towards products that are more ready-to-eat. This is especially true in the fresh produce department for mangos and avocados. Producers and traders of these products want to determine the maturity or ripeness by analysing both the dry-matter content as the oil and fat content. It is often difficult to determine  maturity or ripeness visually; although the colour of the skin changes and surface rust spots increase by increasing maturity. Nevertheless, the taste of the fruit can still not be optimal. However a relation between the oil content, the dry matter and the ripeness of the fruit exist. During the process of ripening the oil content increases and the water content decreases. By monitoring the contents of fat and dry matter on a regular basis, suppliers can estimate the level of ripeness and can determine when the taste of the fruits are most optimal for consumption.

Groen Agro Control performs the analysis of both fat and dry matter in these products.