Our expert knowledge combined with the state-of-the-art equipment of our laboratory can aid in the evaluation and improvement of food production processes. 

Currently, labelling of food products is an important issue. We can perform the analysis on nutritional value on all food products to provide the information needed for food labels, such as the amount of dry matter content, fibers, fat, proteins, carbohydrates, sugars etc.

Furthermore we can perform specific projects for you, to determine ingredients, texture, aroma's, taste and food safety (harmful substances and microorganisms) or in the field of preparation of food products such as soda, bakery and dairy products, vegetables, meat, fish and related products.

Groen Agro Control has much experience with several types of analyses of food products, of which the majority are accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council.

Examples of successful projects on which we worked in the past:

  • A significant faster and energy-saving process to produce gingerbread.
  • Making quality and taste of fresh fruit juices predictable.
  • Increasing the shelf life of asparagus.
  • Specific analyses on fish (both fresh and frozen fish).

The food industry is always in need of improving the quality and preparation of food products concerning efficiency, durability and most of all safety. It is our pleasure to assist you in this process.