A proper fertilization of your crops is crucial for an optimal cultivation process. Due to strict cultivation requirements concerning quality and increase of production, a constant monitoring of the nutrients in the soil is required. Regular analyses of your fertilization process is strongly advised. Groen Agro Control performs these analyses according to ISO accreditation. In addition, we can advise you to make the proper adjustments to your fertilization process. 

Beside the standard fertilization analyses, we also perform more specific analyses such as extraction with Bariumchloride (BaCl2). We are also certified by the RHP, the European knowledge center for substrates.

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Physical Properties

We also determine the various physical properties of (potting) compost. These include the air/water ratio, determination of the percentage of dry matter, the percentage of organic substances and pF-curves. Our laboratory has been certified by RHP, the European knowledge center for substrates. Click here for an overview of our RHP-certificated analyses in substrates.

Microbiological status of the substrate

Our laboratory has the possibility for fast determination of pathogens in substrates. We have developed several methods of analysis for the determination of pathogens based on DNA identification. One of them is verifying DNA. These methods based on DNA-verification make sure that harmful pathogens can be detected in a fast and reliable manner.