Strain improvement

If you have a microorganism available for the biotechnological applications several difficulties can arise. For instance the level of production can be too low or the microorganism is synthesizing undesired by-products, we can help you to improve the strain. We prefer to use traditional strain improvement such as mutagenesis and selection. The possibilities of recombinant DNA technology can also be examined.

Cultures of the microorganism are treated, for example, with ultraviolet light and are plated out on different Agar plates where and each (mutated) cell multiplies to form a visible colony. Using these agar plates, selection on high-producing strains is performed and this can be relatively simple when for instance selection is aimed at the highest levels of colorants. In order to visualize which strain generates the highest production of a product, for instance antibiotics, techniques are needed that are more complicated, like the use of bio-assays.

Subsequently the production of high producing strains can be checked in shake flasks and fermenters.  

We have experience with successful strain improvement routes in the field of:
-          Bio colorants of yeast, fungi, bacteria and algae (astaxanthin, beta-carotene, canthaxanthin)
-          Amino acids, vitamins and antibiotics produced by respectively bacteria, yeast and fungi
-          Fatty bio compounds for cosmetics
-          Substances for medicinal applications other than antibiotics (lovastatin, lipstatin, etc)