Process improvement

When the microorganism and the product are known, the production can be increased by process improvement. Our experience has learned us that a significant improvement of the production can already be obtained by defining the optimal medium composition, pH, temperature and aeration. Furthermore, the right choice of the fermentation system is crucial: ta batch system, fed batch (with availability of feed and growth substrate during cultivation) or continuous culture (simultaneous feed and removal of cultivation medium). Defining the correct production system is vital for the economic feasibility.

Groen Agro Control has achieved success in the optimization of the production of amino acids, antibiotics, microbial colorants, vitamins and proteins. In the past we were able to achieve a 5-fold increase in production of these compounds, in some occasions we were able to realize an increase in production of more than a factor 10. In general, optimization of these processes is a very speciliazed work where much industrial experience is needed. This expertise is present at Groen Agro Control and is supported by our extensive package of analyses.