Microbiological crop protection

Some microorganisms and plants elaborate a long-term interaction to their mutual advantage. A well-known example is the symbiosis between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and leguminous plants.

There are also microorganisms that increase the growth of commercial crops and stimulate the health of plants. These are called antagonists. If these antagonists are present in the substrate, plants are protected against the harmful effects of other bacteria and fungi. These antagonist work as a preventive measure against certain plant diseases. Groen Agro Control have a number of microorganism types that in this respect are examined and can be helpful in microbiological crop protection. At Groen Agro Control we have vast experience with the implementation of these projects and the implementation of these antagonists in horticulture.

Groen Agro Control also has a wide knowledge and experience with cross protection of crops using viruses, such as the protection against the pepino mosaic virus in tomatoes, along with the knowledge on administrative processes.