Preparation of beer, wine, cider and bread

Nowadays many start-ups of small beer breweries are emerging in Holland and Belgium. The taste of these products is strongly determined by the quality and properties of the raw materials such as malt, hop and other additives, the brewing process, the selected strain of yeast and the fermentation process. This accounts for both the production of wine as well as beer.

At Groen Agro Control the right expertise is present for the optimization of brewing processes for beer, grape juice meant for wine and apple juice for the making of cider. The proper fermentation processes can be developed and optimized. We have a vast collection of yeasts which we can be tested in several fermentation processes. Moreover we have the option for storage and conservation of the yeasts under the right conditions. In this way specific characteristics of the yeasts such as the speed of fermentation, taste and alcohol concentration will be conserved in the course of the years. Since properties of the yeasts can change rapidly, Groen Agro Control has a conservation method that guarantees the quality of the strain culture.