Biotechnological applications for algae are emerging at a high rate in the last decades. Algae combine the biochemical versatility of plants with the advantages of microbial cultivation. Their biotechnological potential consist of the production of natural colorants, medicines, nutrients, health promoting ingredients and biodiesel. Meanwhile, the annual turnover has passed the € 1 billion, of which the carotenoids (colorants, vitamin A) cover approximately € 750 million. Since algae and plants have the same needs in terms of light, CO2, temperature control and fertilizer, the greenhouse is an ideal environment for growing algae. Cultivation of algae in the greenhouse may take place either in relatively simple open basins or in complex closed cultivation systems. Meanwhile, Groen Agro Control has gained a lot of experience in growing algae. With our expertise in cultivation of algae and our analytical expertise closely linked to horticulture, we can help you to develop and realize your ideas.

we can also be of service by:

  • selection of the correct type of algae
  • storage/conservation of the algae under specific circumstances
  • analytical identification of the desired product
  • growth optimization in various cultivation systems
  • strain improvement
  • increasing of the production of algae or the desired product
  • analytical control on undesired side-products
  • access and extraction of the products from the biomass
  • writing patent applications to ensure product ownership

Examples of successful algal products are astaxanthin as food supplement for the coloring of salmon, canthaxanthin for chickens (the color of egg yolk), dried algae that are used to manufacture salt-licks for cattle and food supplements based on algae.