Screening and Selection

The first step in the development of a biotechnological process is the selection of the appropriate organism that is able to produce the desired product. In most cases, the particular organism is a bacteria, yeast, fungus or algae. Groen Agro Control has the required expertise in the cultivation of several microorganisms. Screening and selection of the organisms with the right biochemical properties and ability to produce the desired product. If necessary, analysis on the production of undesired toxic compounds and other unwanted by-products is performed.

We can screen for micro-organisms that have specific biochemical properties that produce significant amounts of vitamins, amino acids, colorants or antibiotics. Another example of screening and selection is the search for organisms that synthesize proteins that catalyze a specific biochemical conversion from cheap (bio)chemical raw materials. It may also concern the isolation of antagonists, starting cultures for composting or the conversion of organic substances into valuable absorbable components.