Pesticide analysis

Groen Agro Control has built a wide experience in the fields of food safety and plant health. It is a specialized laboratory in both chemical and microbiological analyses. Our services include several analyses, each one optimised for specific types of samples. Each method is performed by high quality equipment controlled by trained employees. This enables us to specialize in pesticide residues analysis in many different types of products. Our screening on pesticide analysis includes more than 600 compounds and is performed rapidly and accurate.

Groen Agro Control is specialised in the screening of pesticide residues in a wide variety of matrices:

  • Fruit, vegetables and potatoes including MRLs set by the EU
  • Biological products
  • Baby food
  • Cereals and cereal products
  • Flowers and plants, including specific quality certificates for department stores 
  • Leaf and plant samples of all crops
  • Water samples
  • Oleaginous seeds and vegetable oils

In addition to this screening we can also test for specific substances such as inhibitors or herbicides and can assist by setting up a monitoring system for residues and can perform the sampling.

Groen Agro Control aims to perform according to high quality standards. To ensure the high quality standards of our results GAC participates in several national and international proficiency tests (such as EURL, Fapas, QS, Bipea and LVU). Proficiency tests are part of independent monitoring systems for laboratories that measure the level of performance. The outcome of these proficiency tests are used to evaluate and adjust the performance characteristics of the method of analysis. Groen Agro Control is known to be one of the top performers in the proficiency tests.